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We're builders, tinkerers, technical nerds, and so much more. We eat, breathe, and sleep startups and venture. And we're the next generation of this industry.

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Dorm Room Fund's full-time investment team who run the fund and student program

Molly Fowler Avatar

Molly Fowler

Yale University

General Partner, Dorm Room Fund, First Round Capital, Intersection, City of Los Angeles.

Caroline Toch Avatar

Caroline Toch

Vanderbilt University

Operating Principal. Formerly product at Chief, accelerator lead at Techstars Web3, talent at Venture for America.

Mariell Abalos Avatar

Mariell Abalos

Saint Louis University



Our student investment partners seek out, vet, and back the best student-run companies across the country -- don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Daniel Applewhite Avatar

Daniel Applewhite

Harvard (HBS)

Scaling impact through entrepreneurship and technology.

Roberaa Ayana Avatar

Roberaa Ayana

Yale University

After spending time everywhere on the startup-venture life cycle, Roberaa is most excited to help founders build and serve overlooked and undervalued communities across disciplines.

John Azubuike Avatar

John Azubuike


John is an investment professional with history of working on both early-stage venture capital, fund investments, and leveraged buyout deals.

Ajay Bordoloi Avatar

Ajay Bordoloi


Formerly Susquehanna Growth Equity, Spectrum Equity.

Sam Broner Avatar

Sam Broner

MIT Sloan

Generally Happy.

Ananya Chadha Avatar

Ananya Chadha


Hoping to invent technology and business to help the world :)

Jon Cullom Avatar

Jon Cullom

UC Berkeley Haas

Passionate about allocating venture capital to promote transparency and accessibility in healthcare, technology, and finance

Shobha Dasari Avatar

Shobha Dasari


CS @ Stanford, Author of "Hacking Healthcare," excited about leveraging tech and data to improve access and equity in healthcare.

Alexa Davis Avatar

Alexa Davis

Stanford GSB

Stanford GSB. Formerly Google Payments and Forbes.

David Dellal Avatar

David Dellal

Yale University, MIT

Floe. Formerly MIT Langer Lab, Air Liquide.

Archika Dogra Avatar

Archika Dogra

Princeton University

Junior at Princeton studying computer science with a passion for social innovation, product development, educational equity, and dogs.

Shubhan Dua Avatar

Shubhan Dua

UC Berkeley

Punjabi FIFA enthusiast dabbling in Blockchain sometimes

Nika Duan Avatar

Nika Duan

Harvard (HBS)

Nika is passionate about democratizing access to capital and championing innovation that aspires to create a better, more equitable world.

Cole Fairchild Avatar

Cole Fairchild

University of Pennsylvania

Insight Partners. Formerly Morgan Stanley and COS.

Andrew Fang Avatar

Andrew Fang


Stanford CS. Previously Omniscient Labs.

Joshua Fang Avatar

Joshua Fang


I'm an engineer and investor that loves spending time with ambitious people who bend the curve of the future.

Zaid Fattah Avatar

Zaid Fattah

Yale University

Zaid is interested in software and systems but motivated by stories and service.

John Forbes Avatar

John Forbes

UC Berkeley

Formerly SnapMD.

Shub Gaur Avatar

Shub Gaur

University of Southern California

Spree, TroyLabs. Formerly Falkonry.

Thoba Grenville-Grey Avatar

Thoba Grenville-Grey

Harvard (HBS)

An undiscouraged optimist trying to unleash capital and industry to enable mispriced talent solve the world's most urgent challenges

Philippe Griffiths Avatar

Philippe Griffiths

Stanford GSB, Harvard Kennedy School

Stanford GSB & Harvard Kennedy School. Formerly Quona Capital, African Leadership Group and Deloitte.

André Guardia Avatar

André Guardia

Illinois Tech

Costa Rican, martial artist, scaling blockchain-powered networks for the billions.

Arjan Guglani Avatar

Arjan Guglani

University Of Michigan

builder turned investor that gets excited about beautifully designed products and experiences

Deshani Gunathilake Avatar

Deshani Gunathilake

NYU Stern

Former product manager passionate about tech that serves underrepresented groups and markets.

Adithya Gurunathan Avatar

Adithya Gurunathan

Georgia Institute of Technology

Deeply passionate about technology and solving humanity's pressing problems in climate and healthcare spaces.

Santiago Hernandez Avatar

Santiago Hernandez


Santiago is a former telenovela actor from Mexico, previous startup founder and now a Computer Science student at Stanford.

Sydney Hertz Avatar

Sydney Hertz

Columbia Business School

Sydney is an MBA candidate at Columbia Business School whose background is in investing and consulting in media, technology and e-commerce enablement businesses.

Nathan Ho Avatar

Nathan Ho


Permira, Spectrum Equity. Formerly Bowery Capital, Tribe Capital.

Rebecca Hutman Avatar

Rebecca Hutman

MIT Sloan

Making the places we live and work affordable, healthy, and climate friendly; fueled by laughter, disciplined hope, and chocolate chips.

Zach Jaffe Avatar

Zach Jaffe


Kellogg MBA / MS in Design Innovation student passionate about enterprise software, go-to-market strategy, and the NY Mets and Rangers

Darius Johnson Avatar

Darius Johnson

Santa Clara

Drem, Formerly Harlem Capital & Goldman Sachs.

Brett Kim Avatar

Brett Kim


Curious; always searching.

Ganesh Kolli Avatar

Ganesh Kolli

Northeastern University

relentless optimist building a better world for all!

Albert Lam Avatar

Albert Lam

University of Washington

UiPath. Formerly Sezzle and Dotdash.

Tyler Lehman Avatar

Tyler Lehman

Stanford GSB, Stanford

Tyler is passionate about championing innovation aimed at addressing humanity's greatest challenge: climate change.

Christina Liang Avatar

Christina Liang


Curious about people, languages, and climate tech. Formerly Oaktree and Blue Collective.

Chloe Lopez-Lee Avatar

Chloe Lopez-Lee


Weill Cornell Medicine, Bioventure ELabs. Formerly Blueprint.

Chirag Mahapatra Avatar

Chirag Mahapatra

Chicago Booth, UC Berkeley

Building Blaze, the next-gen growth tool.

Alex Marley Avatar

Alex Marley

Northeastern University

An engineer with a passionate to innovate, collaborate and speculate.

Adanna Mogbo Avatar

Adanna Mogbo

University of Pennsylvania

Constant learner and try-er of all things related to health and innovation.

Avi Muller Avatar

Avi Muller


Avi has spent the past two years on both the operations and venture side of the startup ecosystem and loves talking to founders who are working on solving problems that will change the world.

Gilles Nkana Avatar

Gilles Nkana

Columbia Business School

Building bridges across perspectives and cultures.

Tori Orr Avatar

Tori Orr


Spelman Alumna. Formerly Goldman Sachs, Tesla, Intel, & BCG Digital Ventures.

Nicole Ripka Avatar

Nicole Ripka

NYU Stern

I'm an artist and art appreciator passionate about breaking stigmas and building culture for those who have been historically left out.

Karmini Sampath Avatar

Karmini Sampath


Passionate about Consumer x Tech. Formerly Nike, The Bridgespan Group, US State Department

Kevin Shah Avatar

Kevin Shah

Stanford GSB

Kevin is a builder and investor with a passion for using innovation to improve inefficiencies and democratize access.

Kunal Sharda Avatar

Kunal Sharda

Carnegie Mellon University

Product at ServiceNow. Formerly Numerator, Picus Capital, OpenAI.

Albert Shin Avatar

Albert Shin


Formerly Evercore, Permira, Charlesbank, and Oaktree.

David Stavis Avatar

David Stavis

Baylor University

Empowering the creation of inclusive organizations and human-centered tech

Zoey Tang Avatar

Zoey Tang

Wharton, Cornell

A daredevil passionate about democratizing financial services.

Royce Tiger Avatar

Royce Tiger

Yale University

Yale Entrepreneurial Society. Formerly Alumni Ventures, Blue Ivy Ventures, SOSV, Chinaccelerator, MOX Accelerator

Diana Voronin Avatar

Diana Voronin


EECS, scalable quantum computing research, and mentorship at MIT. Exploring frontier tech, fintech for financial inclusion, and the future of human-computer interaction.

James Wellemeyer Avatar

James Wellemeyer


James is a product designer and student at Columbia studying Computer Science and Political Science.

Lauren Weston Avatar

Lauren Weston

Yale University, Harvard (HBS)

I care about increasing access to capital and creating generational wealth for underserved and overlooked groups of people.

Ashleigh Williams Avatar

Ashleigh Williams


Ashleigh is a MBA student at the Wharton School, who is originally from the DMV area and she is passionate about all things finance, cooking and traveling.

Steph Wong Avatar

Steph Wong

University of Michigan Stephen M. Ross School of Business

My commitment to building a better world remains steadfast, while my strategies and work continue to evolve as I build and learn.

Mea-Lynn Wong Avatar

Mea-Lynn Wong

Yale School of Management

Yale MBA, Blueprint Track grad, formerly Charles Schwab & fighter for representation in tech and VC

Andrew Yu Avatar

Andrew Yu

University of Pennsylvania

Climate, games, music, and seismic shifts.

Jack Yuan Avatar

Jack Yuan


Tianchimed founder. Moonshot Beijing. Currently learning about the intersection of BCI, AR/VR, and crypto.

Alpin Yukseloglu Avatar

Alpin Yukseloglu

UC Berkeley

MD @ Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator, EE, CS, and Business at UC Berkeley. Formerly PayPal, Samsung, Estée Lauder, Bloccelerate, and Ahura AI.


Our operators-in-residence support our investment partners and founders alike with strategic, technical, and operational expertise.

Gerardo Ballesteros Avatar

Gerardo Ballesteros

University of Pennsylvania

Designer-in-Residence. Previously at JPMC, Guild Education, Smithsonian.

Raymond Banke Avatar

Raymond Banke

Columbia University

Head of Design. Product Design at Meadow. Previously at Reddit, GBH, and the Columbia Daily Spectator.

Will Hoppin Avatar

Will Hoppin

Columbia University, Middlebury College

Product Manager. Finance at A24 Films. Formerly Saturday Night Live, Prefix Capital, DARPA.

Melissa Li Avatar

Melissa Li


Head of Community and Partnerships. Undergrad at Harvard fascinated by community design, consumer psychology, and modern retail.

Daniel Tao Avatar

Daniel Tao

University of Pennsylvania

Co-Head of Engineering. Previously at Pahdo Labs, Microsoft and Volley

Kia Uusitalo Avatar

Kia Uusitalo


Head of Social. Formerly, Plug and Play, Van Wickle Ventures.

Andrew Xu Avatar

Andrew Xu


Editor In Chief.

Tom Zhang Avatar

Tom Zhang

Columbia University

Co-Head of Engineering. Millennium, MLH. Formerly Amazon, Stanford Medicine.

Britney Zhang Avatar

Britney Zhang

UC Berkeley Haas

Head of Marketing and Communications. Slack Technologies. Formerly Muse Capital and Quirk Money.