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We are passionate about helping student entrepreneurs. Beyond being the first check-in, we work tirelessly to provide the support, mentorship, and network founders need to grow their startups. We've built the best community of student investors, operators, and experts anywhere. Come join us.

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Dorm Room Fund’s HQ team supports our investment partners and founders alike with strategic, technical, and operational expertise.

Molly Fowler Avatar

Molly Fowler

Yale University

General Partner, Dorm Room Fund, First Round Capital, Intersection, City of Los Angeles.

Conor Harbeck Avatar

Conor Harbeck

Franklin and Marshall College

Chief of Staff @ Dorm Room Fund

Ansh Nanda Avatar

Ansh Nanda


Head of Operations.

Britney Zhang Avatar

Britney Zhang

UC Berkeley Haas

Head of Social. Slack Technologies. Formerly Muse Capital and Quirk Money.

Rahul Bathija Avatar

Rahul Bathija

Western University

Head of Growth. Formerly Figma, Divisional Growth

Tina Teng Avatar

Tina Teng

UC Berkeley

Head of Design. Wish. Formerly PwC, CBRE.

Melissa Li Avatar

Melissa Li


Head of Community. Melissa is an undergrad student at Harvard fascinated by community design, consumer psychology, and modern retail.

Anne Wen Avatar

Anne Wen

Princeton University

Head of Content. Princeton TigerLaunch. News reporter. Talks about her home island, Guam, way too often.

Peter Nguyen Avatar

Peter Nguyen


Co-Head of Engineering. Previously MLH Fellowship, ServiceNow.

Michael Zhu Avatar

Michael Zhu

UC Berkeley

Co-Head of Engineering. Previously Amazon and Riot Ventures


Our investment partners seek out, vet, and back the best student-run companies across the country -- don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Irene Wu Avatar

Irene Wu


Blue Collective & The YX Foundation. Formerly Rowing Blazers and IDEO.

Ivan Zhao Avatar

Ivan Zhao


Formerly Blend, Ask, Iggy, Intus Care and Loftium.

Neil Bhammar Avatar

Neil Bhammar

Northeastern University

BusRight. Formerly Melodize.

Robert McKnight Avatar

Robert McKnight

Harvard (HBS)

Former Blue River Technology (John Deere), Tesla, SpaceX, Google.

Yvette Rodriguez Avatar

Yvette Rodriguez

MIT Sloan

Formerly Cultivation Capital and Vamos Ventures.

Sam Broner Avatar

Sam Broner

MIT Sloan

Generally Happy.

Jianna Liu Avatar

Jianna Liu


Formerly Facebook, Nvidia, Skale Education.

Nika Duan Avatar

Nika Duan

Harvard (HBS)

Nika is passionate about democratizing access to capital and championing innovation that aspires to create a better, more equitable world.

Alex Marley Avatar

Alex Marley

Northeastern University

An engineer with a passionate to innovate, collaborate and speculate.

Bahram Tavakoli Avatar

Bahram Tavakoli


Thrasio. Formerly Italic, Knollwood Investment Advisory, and 248 Builders.

Daniel Applewhite Avatar

Daniel Applewhite

Harvard (HBS)

Scaling impact through entrepreneurship and technology.

Vedant Agrawal Avatar

Vedant Agrawal

Harvard (HBS)

Experience in investing, operating and advising high-growth, tech-enabled consumer-facing businesses in India. Early-stage tech-investor at Sequoia, operator with 0-1 experience at Scaler Academy and management consultant at McKinsey.

Albert Shin Avatar

Albert Shin


Charlesbank, JOKR. Formerly Oaktree, Ringle.


Chloe Lopez-Lee Avatar

Chloe Lopez-Lee


Weill Cornell Medicine, Bioventure ELabs. Formerly Blueprint.

David Dellal Avatar

David Dellal

Yale University, MIT

Floe. Formerly MIT Langer Lab, Air Liquide.

Hillary Bush Avatar

Hillary Bush

NYU Stern, UC Berkeley

Formerly MasterClass, Bungalow, Kiva.

Jarrod Barnes Avatar

Jarrod Barnes

Illinois Urbana

Operating with natural optimism and curiosity, wondering less about how things could fail and more about how they might succeed.

Jason Brooke Avatar

Jason Brooke

Chicago Booth

Currently Sapphire Ventures, Formerly Kong and Kaiser Associates.

Zakaria Gedi Avatar

Zakaria Gedi

Yale University

Georgian Partners, Yale Investments Office. Formerly Bracebridge Capital.

Avi Muller Avatar

Avi Muller


Avi has spent the past two years on both the operations and venture side of the startup ecosystem and loves talking to founders who are working on solving problems that will change the world.

Mia Krishnamurthy Avatar

Mia Krishnamurthy


I am an impact-driven student-athlete and founder at Cornell passionate about making change through venture capital and entrepreneurship, and I am so excited to be a part of the DRF Team!

Royce Tiger Avatar

Royce Tiger

Yale University

Yale Entrepreneurial Society. Formerly Alumni Ventures, Blue Ivy Ventures, SOSV, Chinaccelerator, MOX Accelerator

Tony Cueva Bravo Avatar

Tony Cueva Bravo

University Of Michigan

Scout @ SHL Capital. Formerly Flourish Ventures, Hyland, HP, IBM.

Declan Kunkel  Avatar

Declan Kunkel

Yale Law School

J.D. candidate and Texan interested in investing, corporate structure, and asymmetric opportunities.

Chirag Mahapatra Avatar

Chirag Mahapatra

Chicago Booth

Building the go-to platform for building company culture, starting with helping teams book, co-ordinate and evaluate in person events and investing in B2B Saas, marketplaces and dev tools.

James Wellemeyer Avatar

James Wellemeyer


James is a product designer and student at Columbia studying Computer Science and Political Science.

Mea-Lynn Wong Avatar

Mea-Lynn Wong

Yale School of Management

Yale MBA, Blueprint Track grad, formerly Charles Schwab & fighter for representation in tech and VC

Nicole Ripka Avatar

Nicole Ripka

NYU Stern

I'm an artist and art appreciator passionate about breaking stigmas and building culture for those who have been historically left out.

Darya Zakharova Avatar

Darya Zakharova

Columbia Business School

Darya is a native San Franciscan with a passion for entrepreneurship and has worked as both an investor and operator prior to pursing her MBA at Columbia.


Adriana Gadala-Maria Avatar

Adriana Gadala-Maria

UVA Darden

Formerly TechCrunch, SocialCode, and Reddit.

Alexa Spagnola Avatar

Alexa Spagnola

University of Pennsylvania

Formerly Google, NSIN, and Kairos Society.

Andre Mota Avatar

Andre Mota

Wharton, Penn Law

Formerly .406 Ventures, Cravath, and Manatt Health.

Cole Fairchild Avatar

Cole Fairchild

University of Pennsylvania

Morgan Stanley. Formerly COS.

Daniel Bessonov Avatar

Daniel Bessonov

University of Pennsylvania

Formerly Genecloud and CMU.

Jasman Singh Avatar

Jasman Singh

Princeton University

Nabis. Formerly Policy @ Cory Booker.

Richard Clay Avatar

Richard Clay

Bowie State

DoD. Intel Capital. HBCUvc.

Yewande Alade Avatar

Yewande Alade

Wharton, Penn Law

Assembly Fellow @ Berkman Klein Center/MIT Media Lab. Formerly Google AI, Treasury Department.

Nathan Ho Avatar

Nathan Ho


Passionate about building and investing in the innovation economy.

Raymond Chen Avatar

Raymond Chen


Previously engineering @ Anduril, Facebook, Pendo. Building scope.so!

Iris Liu Avatar

Iris Liu


Lifelong learner. Menlo Ventures, Draper Associates. Formerly AWS.

Sagar Chopra Avatar

Sagar Chopra


Aspiring to be like water 🧘🏽. Co-founder @ Empower Sleep. Formerly expansion @ Uber.

Tori Orr Avatar

Tori Orr


Spelman Alumna. Formerly Tesla, Intel, & BCG Digital Ventures.

Leonardo Girlando Avatar

Leonardo Girlando

Penn State University

Born in Venezuela but live in Panama. Currently researching entrepreneurship, growing Happy Valley VC, and leading College Ventures Network. Upcoming Fellow @ Dynamo Ventures & Emerging Markets (LatAm) Sales @ Bank of America.

Ana Diaz-Hernandez Avatar

Ana Diaz-Hernandez

UVA Darden

Startup veteran with a love for investing in solutions to historically low-tech industries.

Bruno Lulinski Avatar

Bruno Lulinski


Born in Argentina, but Miami is my home. University of Florida grad, previously running the investment process at Miami Angels.


Anand Lalwani Avatar

Anand Lalwani


PhD Engineering - Stanford. Cardinal Robotics. IoT.

Chris Quaidoo Avatar

Chris Quaidoo

UC Berkeley Haas

Griffin Gaming Partners. Formerly Story Ventures.

Darius Johnson Avatar

Darius Johnson

Santa Clara

Drem, Formerly Harlem Capital & Goldman Sachs.

John Forbes Avatar

John Forbes

UC Berkeley

Formerly SnapMD.

Kimiloluwa Fafowora Avatar

Kimiloluwa Fafowora

Stanford GSB

Harvard Undergrad. Former enterprise software growth equity investor, Strategy manager at CPG incubator.

Lan Jiang Avatar

Lan Jiang


Zoom. Formerly World Health Organization and Stanford Medicine.

Shub Gaur Avatar

Shub Gaur

University of Southern California

Spree, TroyLabs. Formerly Falkonry.

Trinity Donohugh Avatar

Trinity Donohugh


Formerly Google and Tencent AI Lab.

Zsika Phillip Avatar

Zsika Phillip


An impact-driven builder at heart who is fortunate to have witnessed the power of weaving empathy into product development and design.

Santiago Hernandez Avatar

Santiago Hernandez


Santiago is a former telenovela actor from Mexico, previous startup founder and now a Computer Science student at Stanford.

Alexa Davis Avatar

Alexa Davis

Stanford GSB

Stanford GSB. Formerly Google Payments and Forbes.

Philippe Griffiths Avatar

Philippe Griffiths

Stanford GSB, Harvard Kennedy School

Stanford GSB & Harvard Kennedy School. Formerly Quona Capital, African Leadership Group and Deloitte.

Chelsea Goddard Avatar

Chelsea Goddard

UC Berkeley Haas, UC Berkeley

Former booking agent turned tech nerd, supporting founders building the future of AI, healthcare, biology, and climate tech.

Albert Lam Avatar

Albert Lam

University of Washington

Sezzle, DubHacks. Formerly Dotdash.

Alpin Yukseloglu Avatar

Alpin Yukseloglu

UC Berkeley

MD @ Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator, EE, CS, and Business at UC Berkeley. Formerly PayPal, Samsung, Estée Lauder, Bloccelerate, and Ahura AI.

Jack Yuan Avatar

Jack Yuan


Tianchimed founder. Moonshot Beijing. Currently learning about the intersection of BCI, AR/VR, and crypto.