We support founders across the US from day zero.


Molly Fowler
Yale University
CEO of Dorm Room Fund.
Phillip Hui-Bon-Hoa
Boston College
Abacus Growth. Formerly Publist and RemoteHQ.
Arun Kirubarajan
University of Pennsylvania
Vise. Formerly Bridgewater and Foursquare.
Kanwar Sahdra
Western University
Formerly Blend, Feld Lab at University of Toronto.
Alexander Becker
Dartmouth Tuck School of Business
Formerly Catalant and Silicon Valley Bank.
Kai Furbeck
NYU Stern School of Business
Formerly Sotheby’s and Apeer.
Kylie To
Western University
Currently RBC Ventures, Formerly Appnovation.
Mahira Dayal
Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
Formerly Verizon Media and Buzzfeed.
Tanthai Pongstien
UC Berkeley
Currently Conjecture Design, Formerly SafeBox.
Jeremy Navarro
Middlebury College
Currently DormOps, Formerly Reedsy.



Amol Punjabi
Harvard University
Formerly 8VC and Bridgewater.
Claire Smilow
Harvard Business School
Founder Collective. Formerly BoxGroup and Skillshare.
Garros Li
Harvard Business School
Formerly Madrona Venture Group and Edusight.
Stephanie MacConnell
MIT Sloan
Formerly Epic and EmpireStartups.
Akshay Kirtikar
MIT Sloan
Formerly Google and PatientPing.
Sara Du
Formerly Snap and Sway Ventures.
Mariel Rosic
Formerly Monthly and Borton Neuroengineering Laboratory
Steve Flanagan
Northeastern University
Bountium. Formerly MITRE and nucrypto lab.
Angela Winegar
Harvard Business School / Harvard Kennedy School
Formerly Freshly Picked and Bain & Co.
Alex Wendland
Harvard College
Formerly Luminopia.
Sarah Moseson
Formerly True Ventures Fellow.
Jason Seibel
Formerly Ecotrack and Thunkable.
Ashley Aydin
MIT Sloan
Formerly Estée Lauder and Saks Fifth Avenue.
Michael Truell
Broad Institute. Formerly Google, Two Sigma.
Loewen Cavill
Formerly Bessemer Venture Partners and Optimus Ride.
Andrew Walsh
Harvard Business School
Formerly Bessemer Venture Partners.

New York

Alex Chen
Yale School of Management
Formerly Supernode Ventures and C.Light Technologies.
Spencer Yen
Columbia University
Formerly Karuna Health and Snackpass.
Sri Bhamidipati
Columbia Business School
Formerly Primary Venture Partners and Bowery Capital.
Daniel Lee
Yale University
Formerly Nextdoor and Optiver.
Chris Shei
Cornell Tech
Formerly Jet.com.
Isabel Sheinman
NYU Stern School of Business
Formerly Nabu.org.
David Dellal
Yale University Schools of Medicine and Engineering & Applied Sciences
Floe. Formerly MIT Langer Lab & Air Liquide.
Lola Lafia
Columbia University
Schefs. Formerly RunFriendly & Teen to Table.
Brent Willess
Yale School of Management
Formerly Uber and PwC.
Shruti Agarwal
Cornell University
Formerly CerraCap Ventures and Ernst & Young.
Havi Nguyen
Columbia University
Built By Girls. Formerly Dow Jones and Google
Tom Guthrie
Columbia Business School
onejob. Formerly Capsule and FiscalNote.


Adele Li
University of Pennslyvania
Formerly at Ares and Katerra.
Bridget Labe
Wharton School
Formerly Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners (formerly Sidewalk Labs) and Google X.
Ryan Morgan
Wharton School
rmdy. Formerly DFJ and Booking Holdings.
Brittany Walker
Wharton School
Formerly Pritzker Ventures and Crosscut.
Adam Eldefrawy
University of Pennslyvania
Formerly Root Ventures and 8i.
Abhinav Karale
University of Pennsylvania
Formerly Tri Alpha Technologies and Tudor Investments.
Olivia Zhang
Princeton University
Formerly Accel and Carbon3D.
Tej Singh
The Wharton School
Formerly Coatue and Bain Capital Ventures.
Stephanie McCaffrey
Wharton MBA
Formerly professional soccer.
Alex Torrey
Wharton MBA
Formerly Techstars and CIA.
Daniel Bessonov
University of Pennsylvania
Formerly Genecloud and CMU.
Elijah Conniff
The Wharton School
Formerly Gladly.
Sanya Ohri
The Wharton School
Formerly Khan Academy and Bain & Co.
Chris Seitz
The Wharton School
Formerly Excel Venture Management.

San Francisco

Shrey Gupta
Stanford University
Primer. Formerly Facebook and Coursera.
David Mackanic
Stanford University
Accel Innovation Scholar. Formerly MIT Research.
Linus Lee
UC Berkeley
Hack Club. Formerly Repl.it and The Anvil.
JeanClaude White
UC Berkeley
Bold VP. Formerly JP Morgan and Citigroup.
Justine Humenansky
UC Berkeley
Formerly Samsung NEXT and Barclays.
Sarah Guzick
Stanford GSB
Formerly Francisco Partners and Tesla.
Amber Yang
Stanford University
SeerTracking. Formerly MIT Lincoln Labs.
Kenta Yaegashi
Stanford University
General Atlantic. Formerly Code Advisors and Olympic Valley Capital.
Andy Chen
Berkeley Haas
Berkeley SkyDeck. Formerly physician and BE Accelerator.
Shiroy Aspandiar
Berkeley Haas
Formerly Impact Hub and Teach For America.
Shreyas Parab
Stanford University
Formerly Rock Ventures and StartUpHealth.
Kerry Omughelli
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Formerly Gulf Interstate Engineering.
Medha Kothari
UC Berkeley
she256. Formerly Celo and SAP.
John Forbes
UC Berkeley
Formerly SnapMD.
Isabelle Zhou
Stanford University
Formerly Two Sigma Ventures and Amazon.
Jessica Leão
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Formerly Palantir